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The Baldwin Research Institute, through our St. Jude Retreats and our Jude Thaddeus Program (JTP), has helped over 4,000 people overcome drug and alcohol use. We are proud to partner with you in continuing this vital work. We are proud to announce our 3rd Annual Golf Classic, which will benefit the JTP Scholarship Fund.

We will be able to assist guests by making our program more affordable for those in financial need. Our Golf Classic will be held on Wednesday, June 11th, 2011, at the beautiful Rolling Hills Country Club, Fort Johnson NY. We hope you can join us for a day filled with fun, food, and great golf!


Saint Jude Retreats Golf Fundraiser

Photovoltaic Installation:  We have been awarded two grants to install photovoltaic systems on two of our facilities.  The systems will, over a 25 year period, reduce by 897 tons the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from power generation.  As part of the grant approval, we need to pay approximately 10% of the overall cost, or $30,000.


Photovolcqaic Project


The Jude Thaddeus Scholarship Fund

Save Someones Life

Scholarships for needy guests:  We regularly grant small scholarships to a limited number of people in need, on a monthly basis.  Donations are needed to continue this, and to offer full scholarships to a limited number of disadvantaged youth.  Each full scholarship will cost $11,500, and we hope to bring 20 young people to our facility in the fall.

Donations of any amount are helpful, and include the following amounts for specific items:

$10 will provide meals for a day for a guest
$25 will provide the program materials for a guest
$50 will buy five books for our guest library
$100 will pay for an outbound activity for 10 guests
$5,000 will pay for an instructor for a 6 week cycle


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St. Jude Retreats - Alcoholism Research

Learn Why Alcoholism is not a disease.

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Saint Jude Retreats Results Review

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