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Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., the parent company of the Saint Jude Retreats™ allows an independent research company to conduct an annual survey of Jude Thaddeus Program graduates to ascertain the abstinence based success rate of the Jude Thaddeus Program. Annually program graduates are selected at random by an independent firm, (currently Clearwater Research, Inc) and are then surveyed by phone interview as to the status of their sobriety. Then, a second, separate call is placed to the graduate’s family and they, too, are surveyed to validate or invalidate each graduate’s response. Surveys were done two times per year by Baldwin Research Institute prior to 2004, and have since been completed annually by an independent research organization. A survey has been conducted in this manner since the inception of the Jude Thaddeus Program™ in 1991 and all random samplings include all program graduates who have consented to inclusion in the research. More than 95% of program attendees consent to inclusion in BRI’s research.

Latest Studies:


SOBRIETY FOLLOW UP - June 2006 Survey - Clear Water Research

SOBRIETY FOLLOW UP - May 2008 Survey - Clear Water Research



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